"The birth of a Legend"

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"I went home with the stuff inside a headscarf. The next day I could not find anything else as nice or as cheap. I bought the leather, a ball of twine and a curved needle. In a short time I had my old bag again. One day a policeman stopped me on the train for smuggling."

"The woman who sold me the bag, accused me of smuggling accessories from Itay into the Swiss market. The newspaper published the story next day and I received numerous job offers. That is how I started sewing bags."

"I sketched a bag, and then another one and yet another one. I remember several boxes set and jewelry boxes, but what inspired me more than any other shape was the essential design of a doctor bag. I then thought about small buckles and belts."

"We made figured velvet for my bag. We could weave buckles and all the other decorations: I mean they would be part of the bag, but they would be an illusion, a trompe-l’oeil"

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